T-Swift Blackout

Gary Miller/FilmMagic

Okay Taylor..you have our attention. Now tell us what the heck is going on!

Last Friday, Taylor Swift completely blacked out all of her social media and even her website sparking new music rumors over the weekend. Every photo, video, tweet and messaging was deleted from all platforms until today.

Taylor posted a cryptic video on all of her social media accounts of some sort of weird serpent, dragon tail. The website timeless.com is also linked to Taylor.

There are a few fan theories circulating about what this message could be. Some think it has some sort of tie in with the Solar Eclipse we experienced today. Perhaps her new album will be titled ‘Eclipse’.

Others are speculating that it is highlighting the infamous feud with Kimye, i.e ‘snake.’

All I know is that if it is new music, hang on to your seats because Tay has A LOT to talk about after these last few years.


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