I Don’t Like New Year Resolutions

I’ve never been found of New Year Resolutions.

Yes the point is to challenge yourself in becoming a better you in the new year but more often times than not, you don’t keep them. And for some that can be a little discouraging.

I like to set New Year Goals for myself instead. These act as more of a guideline on how I would like my new year to go. Rather then tell myself I will do something, I ask myself will I do “it” and stay consistent and aware of the change or modification of my life that I’m trying to make.

This year will I….

Live a healthier lifestyle

Communicate my thoughts/feelings with my friends and loved ones

Spend my money wisely

Travel more

Everyone’s goals and ambitions for their life and themselves differ year to year. I hope 2018 brings you much love, peace and success.

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